Live (To Fight) Another Day 

A guitar arpeggio-driven plea not to give-up, but rather "keep-on-keeping-on". A song of encouragement. Written for my daughter who at the time was going through some personal turmoil.

Illiberal Neoliberal 

A guitar and violin driven folk-song on the theme of ecology, inspired by reading Kate Raworth's book "Doughnut Economics"

Sins of the Father 

"Sins of the Father" is a mostly a-capella rumination of the cruelty of holding people in this life to ransom and thrall for the promise of something better (and eternal) in the hereafter.

Musically, it was inspired by J.S. Bach's…

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"Borscht" is an acoustic guitar and violin driven hymn for the people of Ukraine and condemnation of Putin's illegal and appalling war waged upon them. Taking for its metaphor the national dish of beetroot soup, it is a prayer for…

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Life Is Good 

A synth driven celebration of all things good in life. A list of favourite things. A love song to life.

You Are What You Say You Are 


This song is a commentary how people I know who claim to be something -- an actor; musician; photographer; musician; whatever -- whilst actually very rarely practicing their supposed craft. Typically, they will have an unrelated job. It's like it…

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All Things Considered 

A Vince Clarke style 1980s synth driven love song to my wife, Juliet.



A rumination on an old lover who left you many moons ago, now telling you they may have made a mistake. But you have so moved on. Driven by harpsichord and whimsy.



This Charmed Life 

A Blur-esque indie romp and parody through the lives of the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. A poppy study of extraordinary entitlement. How -- and more importantly, why -- the other half live the way they do!

Second Time Around 

Jangly guitar-driven love song to my wife, Juliet, whom I married somewhat later in life. For both of us, it is the "second time around"!

Is There Anyone Out There?  

I'm super excited to announce the opening of the new album “The Sum of All Parts”. It's called "Is There Anybody Out There?" and is a Bowie-esque rumination on a phenomenon in physics and cosomology called the Fermi paradox. This…

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Upbeat, guitar-driven, jangly, rocker and critique of a hypocrite.