"Reciprocity Nexus" is the moniker for London-based, half-British, half-Dutch songwriter Hendrik "Henk" Kleinsmiede, for the songs he writes (alone or with friends) away from his other frequent music vehicle, The Third Space, a virtual band and songwriting partnership with his best friend Joe Farthing

As the name suggests, "Reciprocity Nexus" is a network or exchange for musical ideas and collaborations. The collaborations on single songs with friends Nick Bird ("Brand New Day") and SIljan Panovski ("Suit of Armour") apart, the albums Henk has released under the name "Reciprocity Nexus" are ostensibly "solo" records (in that Henk has written almost all the songs on these albums himself). Yet, he is not comfortable going under his own name; for he feels the contributions of other collaborators are vital. He seeks to acknowledge that through the name.

The music Henk makes (both in The Third Space and as "Reciprocity Nexus") can best be described as adult indie: quirky, yet melodic and  accessible. The songs tend to be poppy but wry observational vignettes, and can span a range of genres, from indie guitar pop to alt-country and even electronica! Imagine if Robyn Hitchcock joined Crowded House to play keys. Something like that. 

Henk started playing guitar at the age of thirteen and played in a variety of school bands as a teenager. But success in music remained elusive, so Henk went to university and enjoyed a successful career as a digital designer thereafter.

But he always kept up his guitar-playing and over time, became increasingly interested in songwriting. In 2013, together with  his best friend Joe Farthing he co-founded the songwriting duo The Third Space, which is still going strong, if somewhat slower than before. The duo recently released their sixth album "To Pembury / To The Wells" (2023).

But back in 2015, when Joe started working as a professional musician on cruise ships (and subsequently was away a lot), the Third Space song-rate slowed down, and so Henk began looking also for other avenues. He started writing on his own and with other friends. This only increased during the pandemic of 2020/21. Thus was Reciprocity Nexus born. 

To date, Henk has released six albums under the "Reciprocity Nexus" moniker -- four albums under the "Family Portraits" franchise (2021-2024); "Blossom Outside" (2023) and most recently "For Fear of Forgetting" (2024)  and one EP, "Terra Nova" (2019) .

The eagerly awaited seventh Reciprocity Nexus album "Agnostic Hymns / Secular Psalms" is due out in early 2025. But can be previewed on the Reciprocity Nexus SoundCloud page.  

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