1. Just Kids

From the recording Family Portraits (Volume 3)

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A nine minute long, seven part-mini opera on the theme of kids.

Through-composed song in seven parts, none repeating, like a classical rhapsody, on the theme of kids; having them (or not); raising them. The song attempts to represent the parental experience from a variety of angles, refelected in the diversity of the genres and speeds employed across the seven sections. Also, each lyric is intended as a mini-vignette, a tiny story, .


Just Kids

Anxiously waiting for a
Will it be red or blue line?
Fingers crossed?
The bucket list
Tick against the box
A milestone

Watch the bump grow
Worried what the future holds
The best laid plans of mice-and-men
Lost to the mists of
Time’s not on our side
Watch the clock
Swim against the tide

All of your love and dreams
In a life that
Grows inside

All of your dreams and hopes
In one fell swoop
Gone up in smoke

By choice
Or accident


Naturally delivered
By scissors
Still born
Test tube grown
Into this world we’re thrown…

Oh my!
Oh my!
Oh my!

My beating heart
Bursts with love and pride
My swollen heart spills over with love
For this child

Baby girl – you are my world
Bless your every curl!
Baby boy – you are my joy
Bless your every toy!

Barren body
Question identity
What meaning is there
If not this?

The force that shapes us all
Every boy and girl in the world!
Destination known
Writ in code
In the human genome

The force that shapes us all
Every girl and boy in the world!
Shaped by parents and environment
That’s all

Sensible eldest
Mother’s little helper
Typical example of an only child, so selfish
Spoiled like the youngest are
Abandoned, adopted, orphan
Whats-his-dumb-f***-face, with no name
Forgotten middle children

Little children
Little children
Just kids
Just kids

Mere babes-in-the-woods

Anaphylactic shock
Allergic to chicken pox
A toddler, too torpid even to scratch her spots

I hope to God
There is no worry in the world worse
Than love for sick child in hospital

Agnostics pray to uncertain Gods
To save those they love and cherish most
There are no words
For fearing the worst
I can’t bear it
Perish the thought

Pushy parents, full of it
Sally is a prodigy
Tommy here has special needs
They’re all so special
Can’t you see?

Really they’re just ordinary
Slightly dull, unremarkable
With modicum intelligence
But even so they’re lovable
Adorable, even…
Love them for who they are
For what you want them to be

They’re kids
Kids are just…kids
Kids are just…kids
Kids are just…kids