From the recording The Terra Nova EP

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This song is for my sister, Carrie, with much love.

In October 2012, at Austin City Limits, she and I had a little cry together about two very important people in our lives we had lost. It was quite a special moment that bonded us.

The sentiment "Grief is Just a Love That's Lost 'Cos It Has Nowhere Left To Go" is not to belittle the devastating impact of loss...or grief itself. But simply to acknowledge it is a very natural (and necessary) phenomenon. It's good to cry; to let it out.

And it says a helluva lot about the calibre of someone if they allow you to cry together; to share in the grief.

As to why grief might be "a love that's got nowhere left to go"? Because the love no longer has an object to attach to; the person gone. So it is "lost", restless; looking forlornly for (a) "home".

But lives now in our hearts.

When I played the song to a friend, she asked me why the song was upbeat. I guess for two reasons, to juxtapose:

1) the happy (the upbeat) and the sad (the content of the lyrics; the loss)

2) to reflect the lives lost -- defined by BOTH the happy and sad

Anyway, it's quite a special song for me. I dedicate it to Carrie for a moment that happened in Zilker Park, Austin, already seven years ago but has stayed with me ever since. x