Sins of the Father 

"Sins of the Father" is a mostly a-capella rumination of the cruelty of holding people in this life to ransom and thrall for the promise of something better (and eternal) in the hereafter.

Musically, it was inspired by J.S. Bach's fugues. After reading Laura Tonbridge's biography of Beethoven ("Beethoven in Nine Parts"), in which Tonbridge asserts Bach's influence on Beethoven, especially in counterpoint, I became interested in counterpoint. This song is the result, whereby in the choruses, I attempt to create harmonic structure by having four melodies (bass; baritone; tenor; alto) intertwine. I elected to make the song mostly a-capella to let the voices be the harminic structure. The only exception to this is the use of some percussion and the bass throughout.

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